Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Backpacking Mount Adams

What a treat it was to backpack up to RMC's Crag Camp this weekend with my friends Tom Kenney, Amanda, Sarah, Aaron, Dave Leary, and James Kelly.

We started from Lowe's store at approximately 0900. Going up Lowe's Trail, we made it easily to the old log cabin, just in time for our youngest member to take care of business.

The hike from their was more steep and gruelling. Some of the younger members particullarly had trouble. By the time we got to Crag Camp we were ready for some lunch.

After lunch, James, Dave, Amanda, Aaron and I headed for the summit. On the way up, with clouds in the area we were very alert for possible storms. A mist moved in over the peak, which was discouraging against our hopes of a good view from the summit.

God was very good to us. When we got to the top some things started to clear. Clouds would roll off one distant peak for a few brief moments, and then disappear again. It was like God was saying "Watch This" as the summit of Washington went from invisible to a view of the weather tower wreathed in clouds. Then "Now watch this" as another peak was revealed only to be later shrouded in mist. One by one God showed us the distant peaks of the Presidential range. Great Gulf is impressively huge. Six husbands trail looks right up my alley.

What's next? Camping/hiking with family in NY. See you on the trail.
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