Friday, August 28, 2009

The early death of a true Lion and friend

While others mourn the loss of "the Lion" Ted Kennedy, I am saddened by the early death of a friend and true lion. While others waited 4 hours to view Kennedy, another MA community views the remains of a big, strong, soft hearted man. While others fear the loss of Camelot, I wonder about the future of a widow and two children. While others praise Ted's caring for others, I reflect on what a truly loving father my friend was. And while other's talk of Kennedy's "defense of Social Justice" I consider my friend's quiet obedience to all of the Catholic churches' teachings. Tomorrow, two funerals will take place, and while Obama is eulogizing Kennedy, my friend's priest will truthfully speak genuine words of praise. Two Lion's bodies' will be laid to rest tomorrow, but their souls begin life after death, and have to go through the process of working out what they stood for in life. I will pray for both of their souls.
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