Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pizza, Our Lady, and a Rosary with friends

When we said yes to hosting the missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe we received a good call from our friends the Legers asking if they could come over for a rosary. They even offered to bring food! Sure thing! No problem. But if you had told me before last week that we would have 21 people in our house doing the rosary, I would have been surprised.

But one thing after another, we had 7 families from 5 parishes coming to our home including 11 children. I ran a shuttle service to handle the 8 cars including our own because due to the snow we had parking for 6 cars. We ordered 6 cheese pizzas, thanks Chris, cut vegetables, and people brought deserts.

We prayed one rosary in front of the Missionary Image of Our Lady, and were also blessed with an increase in faith as we took time to learn more about the image. A good time was had by all!
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